About us

Love'n care for Africa Team

The Executive Board Members


France M. Langlois

MBA, Senior project management, Canada

Vice President

Eric Jouve

Infrastructures and Site Manager, Canada


Françoise Sonnet

Senior in marketing, Canada


Oury Diallo

Executive Director International Center of Research and Documentation in Guinea

At Love’n Care For Africa Foundation, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the agricultural sector of Africa through precision farming.
We strive to promote sustainable and cost-efficient farming practices that consider the environment, natural resources, biodiversity and local communities empowerment.

We believe it’s time to get out of our comfort zone and #Make A Change!
We are Love’n Care for Africa Foundation, a Canadian organization located in Quebec City, Quebec, on a mission to bridge the gap between modern farming methods and African farmers. We believe that with precision technology, sustainable practices, and the right support we can create a positive impact on African economy.
#LoveNCareAfrica is passionate about improving access to resources and knowledge so that everyone could succeed. Join us in our mission as we work together to create a better tomorrow!
# LoveNCareForAfrica is our movement to bring about meaningful change! Join us in building brighter futures.

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