Agriculture of precision in Africa

I understand the potential pushback that arises with these kinds of innovative practices. However, let’s examine the five basic objections:

1. No Need: Precision agriculture allows for better resource management, resulting in more sustainable and profitable outcomes for farmers.

2. Expense: While initial costs may be a concern, precision agriculture can ultimately save money through increased efficiency and reduced waste.

3. Complexity: Technology is becoming more user-friendly and accessible, with various tools available to simplify the process of implementing precision agriculture.


4. Incomplete Data: With advancements in sensors, drones, and satellite technology, data collection has become more comprehensive and accurate.

5. Resistance to Change: Although change can be daunting, it is necessary for progress and growth in the industry. Precision agriculture provides a platform for industry professionals to embrace the benefits of technology and innovation. In conclusion, precision agriculture has the potential to transform the agricultural industry in Africa. Let’s explore its possibilities and strive towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

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